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If you are new to and are not sure where to begin, watch the demo videos in the sections below to find out more about how you can start leveraging to achieve your goals.

Our experts have split the demo into 4 bite-sized chunks:
  • The Interface
  • Receiving Money
  • Sending Money
  • Tracking Money
Browse through the videos below to better understand the key features at your disposal.

The Interface

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Read the Doc: The Roadmap of uses a simple and clear interface to maximize ease of use and makes learning our software quick and easy. For more in-depth information about the functionality of each section of the interface, please refer to the “The Interface” guide.

Receiving Money

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Read the Doc: Let’s Get Paid offers several payment request options including manual and automatic/recurring payments. Get paid fast, safely and securely with our simple-to-use payment request system. Refer to the “Receiving Money” guide to learn all about it.

Sending Money

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Read the Doc: Send Money and More

Pay all your invoices quickly and manage your spending like a pro with our easy-to-use bill management system. Please refer to the “Sending Money” guide to learn more.

Tracking Money

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 Read the Doc: Follow Your Money

Never chase another late payment by using our automated reminder. After sending a payment request, you can also track it every step of the way with To find out more on how to get paid faster, please refer to the “How to track your payment requests” guide.