The Interface

In this article, you will learn about the interface. It is important to know and understand the app’s features and functions before using it.

Here, we added labels to the main interface enabling you to familiarize each feature. As we go on with the documentation you will encounter these terms, knowing them in advance will make it easier for you to understand and absorb the necessary information.

  1. Menu
    1. The Menu icon houses the different shortcuts to the main features that include Sending Money, Receive Money, and Finance. This comes in handy whenever you are on a certain page and wants to directly go to a specific feature. The Home option also brings you to the Home screen.
  2. Account Menu
    1. The Account menu lets you manage your account with options that enable you to update your profile, membership,  manage contacts, configure settings, change language, and sign out from the account.
    2. You can also view the Subscription type, the number of transactions and volumes, and the day the account will be renewed.
  3. Support
    1. The Support icon lets you access the Help Center, Training Materials, and Send Feedback.
  4. Send / Receive / Finance Home Page
    1. The Send / Receive / Finance Home Page is the first screen that you will encounter upon logging in to your account. On this page, you can find the three (3) main features of namely (a) Send Money, (b) Receive Money, and (c) Finance Purchase Orders. You can also access this page through the Menu icon’s Home option.
  5. Contact Support Agent
    1. The Contact Support Agent icon enables you to have a direct chat with our support agents. You can use this icon if you need to reach us if you have immediate concerns and/or inquiries.