Track your payment requests.

Never chase another late payment by tracking your payment requests every step of the way and explore use cases to help you get paid faster.

Nothing is more annoying than getting paid late and in some cases, it can make or break a business. At, we developed a unique tracking system to help our customers get paid faster. Every time you send a payment request, you will be able to check its status on Here's how it's done.

How to check the payment request status?

  1. Go to the Home Page.
  2. Select Receivables History.
    • You will see a list of your receivables here. Simply click on the payment request you want to track to view the details.
Check the Transaction Log on the right to view your payment request status. The 5 Stages of the transaction are:
  • Transaction Created: This shows when the payment request is created and by whom.
  • Email not opened / Email opened: This shows if the payment request email was opened by your customer. If they have, will record the date and how many times the email has been opened.
  • Request not viewed / Request viewed: This shows if the customer has clicked on the payment request link to review the details. If they have, will record the date and frequency.
  • Waiting on customer to accept / Customer accept: This shows if the customer has accepted the payment request and will record the date. 
  • Full payment: This shows the date when the money has arrived in your bank account.

    Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 12.40.47 PM

Use cases

So how does this help me get paid faster? The most common use cases we observe are the following:

  • Your customer says they never got the payment request and you can see that they have already opened the email (in some cases, multiple times). This could indicate a miscommunication on their team and you can reach you to them to clear it up.
  • Your customer has opened the email but has not clicked on the links provided to view the payment request details. This could indicate that they have encountered a technical error or they are suspicious of an email they have never seen before.
  • Your customer has opened the payment request and viewed the details but has not accepted it yet. This could indicate some problems with the payment request (ie: terms are incorrect) or they do not understand the terms.
  • Your customer has accepted the payment request but you have not received the full payment yet. This could indicate some errors in their bank account.

We are not saying your customers are lying but cashflow is always watching!