What is Cashflow and how does it all work?

Here is a high level overview of what Cashflow is and some of its key features.

Welcome to Cashflow.io! We are offering more tools to take payments, reduce your fees, build quotes, along with a cost-effective bank to bank transfer service (EFT). We are excited about the new features which we know will help your business and invite you to have a look what's under the hood

Bank Transfers are here!

Bank-to-Bank Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) can now be accepted as a form of payment, alongside major credit cards, but at much lower transaction fees!

Send eQuotes!

Create, edit and save customer quotes with flexible deliverables. Capture customer payment details first to ensure you get paid on delivery.

Payment Terms make it easy!

Create and apply Payment Terms to generate scheduled payment installments to any eQuote or Payment Request.

Build a Team with flexible Access Rights!

Setup your team on our platform and assign each one their own set of permissions so that they can focus on their tasks and get the job done.

This is in addition to the basic tools you are using today to charge your customer’s credit cards, and send them payment requests. All of your current data, transaction history and user access will still be there for you, we are simply adding more features and options.