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Quick Guide to Account Details and Configuration

Managing and updating your account enables you to set up your Cashflow.io to best work and meet your needs. Like any other app, making sure that you have properly configured your account lets you maximize its features and functionalities.

Step 1: Access the Account Menu

Accessing the Account Menu opens up the gateway to managing your account. This feature enables you to update the following:

  • Personal Profile
  • Membership
  • Contacts
  • Settings
  • Language

Step 2: Updating your Personal Profile

The Profile menu enables you to update your personal account profile and contains enabled permissions for your account. Below is the list of options you can update under Profile:

  • Profile Name
  • Account Email
  • Title
  • Language
  • Password

For a detailed tutorial on how to update your profile, see Updating your Personal Profile article.


Step 3: Setting Up Membership

The Membership menu lets you manage your membership or your Cashflow.io subscription which includes the following:

  • Membership Details
  • Membership History
  • Usage
  • Membership Bill
  • Upgrading Membership

For a detailed tutorial on how to manage your membership, see the Membership section of our knowledge base under My Membership.


Step 4: Managing Contacts

The Contacts menu enables you to manage your contacts by adding them to your account and specifying their details.

For a detailed tutorial on how to manage your contacts, see the Managing Contacts article.


Step 5: Configuring Account Settings

The Settings menu enables you to manage and configure your account’s Business and Payment Options.

Under the Business section, you can update and configure the following settings:

  • Account Information
  • Branding
  • Sales Taxes
  • Membership
  • Billing Details
  • Team Management

Under the Payment Options, you can update and configure the following:

  • Payment Plans
  • Recurring Payment Plans
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Electronic Cheques Processing (eCheques)
  • SimpleLink