What is a Payment Request?

It's Cashflow's option to ask for payment from a customer. With Cashflow you may request a payment from a customer in a few simple steps.

Navigate to the Cashflows payment terminal and select take a payment. Then fill out the following information.

  • Customer - this field is required but does not necessarily need to be an exact match with what the bank has on file. For example you may enter the company name instead of the name on the card. Put whatever makes sense for you, if you ever have to look back and try to locate this transaction
  • Email address
  • Phone number (SMS) 
  • Amount - No need to enter the commas or decimal, it’s done automatically.
  • Language - toggle - two options, English - French
  • Note - There’s a total of 255 characters which supports symbols and special characters. The notes section supports symbols and special characters. The section is ideal to write an invoice or parts number or just a brief thank you message This information appears in the receipt. This information may be searched for in the Transaction History.

*If there is more than one currency or gateways, there will be a GATEWAY drop-down menu between the phone number and the amount field. This allows you to select which currency or gateway they wish to process on. If there is only one currency or gateway, the drop-down is simply not there.*

Advanced Options

Payment request  can help you offer some flexibility to your customers. Reward them by paying on time with Early Payment Discount. Set and save payment plans templates to quickly be able to offer them to your customers. Set automatic reminders to ensure your customer
pays the pending payment request.