Modifying/Updating the SmartPO

In this section, you will learn how to modify/update existing SmartPOs.

  1. On the Home page, click the RECEIVE card.
    1. Note: it is worth noting that you can also access the Receive Payments page through the Menu and select Receive.
  2. Click the SmartPO card. You will be directed to the SmartPO page.
  3. Narrow your search using the purchase order filters. See Viewing Purchase Orders for more information. Find and click the purchase order from the list.
  4. Click the Modify SmartPO (Pen) icon to open the PO editing page. In this page, you can update the four (4) stages of the purchase order:
    1. Quote
    2. Items
    3. Terms
    4. Summary
  5. As you modify/update each stage, you can click the CONTINUE or SKIP buttons until you reach the final stage; the Summary.
  6. Review the Purchase Order Summary and click the I have reviewed my Purchase Order, and agree to the Terms of Service checkbox to enable the SEND SMARTPO button.
  7. After reviewing the modified/updated PO, select the next action by clicking the appropriate button:
    1. SAVE AS DRAFT: clicking this button will save the PO as draft and will not be sent out to the recipient.
    2. SEND SMARTPO: clicking this button will send/resend the modified/updated PO to the recipient.