Manual Credit Card Input

In this article, you will learn how to receive payments using the Manual Credit Card feature to accept a direct payment from a customer.

  1. On the Home page, click the RECEIVE card.
    • Note: it is worth noting that you can also access the Receive Payments page through the Menu and select Receive.
  2. Click the Input Credit Card. You will be directed to the Input Credit Card page.
  3. Specify the payment details:
    1. Currency: click the drop-down arrow and select the preferred currency.
    2. Amount: enter the payment amount.
    3. Gateway for Credit Card payments: click the drop-down arrow to select the preferred credit card payment gateway.
    4. Cardholder Name: click the field to display the list and select the customer’s name or manually enter the card holder’s name.
    5. Email (Optional): enter the card holder’s email address.
    6. Receipt Language: click the drop-down arrow to select the appropriate receipt language.
    7. Card Number: enter the 16-digit credit card number.
    8. Exp. Date (MM/YY): enter the credit card expiration date in MM/YY format.
    9. Security Code (CVV): enter the credit card’s security code or the CVV code.
    10. Drag ‘n’ drop field: Attach files and documents to your payment request. To add files or documents to your payment request, find the FILE & DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT section and drag and drop the file in the Drag ‘n’ drop field.
      1. Note: enter a brief note in this field.
    11. After specifying the payment and credit card details, click the CHARGE CARD button.