How do I manage Credit Card Gateways?

Cashflow offers you the flexibility to process payments via different gateways.


Cashflow allows you to process payments via different gateways. You can have a main payment provider with a preferential rate as a default gateway while maintaining a backup gateway through a different company. Even if your main payment provider is down, you have the tools to stay up and running.

Once you click on the credit card processing option, you will be presented with the gateways that are currently setup on the account. You may edit the information of a specific gateway or turn it on or off.


Clicking the red button ADD GATEWAY will lead you to the list of currently available gateways:


Enter the information provided by your payment processor. 
You should give a nickname to this gateway, if you do not name it, it will simply be labeled with the gateway name and currency.

Once added and online, the gateway is available from one of the two modules of the payment terminal.